Update on Michael 6/21/19

Once again I apologize for not doing a better job of updating our website. I have sent some updates out on social media but need to do a better job of updating our family website! A few weeks ago Michael had a seizure and a 10 out of 10 headache. He was also having nausea and vomiting the entire day. I ended up bringing him into Mission Hospital ER where they found that his brain was so so swollen that he was in danger of herniating his brain and dying. He was treated in the ER and admitted to the ICU. The MRI unfortunately revealed significant growth of the cancer which caused the swelling. He was transferred up to UCLA and spent several days there. They gave him an infusion of Avastin which is supposed to help with the brain swelling and shrink the blood vessels that supply the cancer cells. He has now had 3 of these infusions. He gets the Avastin every 2 weeks. He had another MRI this past Monday but since we had it done down here in San Clemente we don’t really know the results. We go to UCLA on Wednesday of next week and will find out. He has been taken off the clinical trial since it was not working. He will start the Optune Cap next Tuesday and we will be discussing putting him on a very high dose of the Temador (chemo) even though we know his markers show that the chemo is not very effective. Many big decisions to make on quality of life vs. quantity. This last hospitalization was super super traumatic for us, especially the kids! We have been given a pretty short time frame depending on which options we choose for treatment….anywhere from 3 months to possibly 9 months. My biggest request is to please pray for our children. This last hospitalization was super traumatic and my heart breaks every single day for them. We had a super fun vacation planned (cruise to Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel) that we were supposed to leave for on June 8th but had to cancel due to the recent developments. Our super generous friends Mike and Heather Pfau let us use their incredible house in Palm Springs for the week instead. We had such a great time and made some awesome family memories. We continue to be blessed by our families, amazing church family at The Shoreline, our Triton Football Family, many friends and family here and far…it is just humbling the amount of love and support we are receiving as we go through this very very challenging time. We are soooooooo incredibly grateful for everything!! I will update after our appointment next week.


  • Steve Lankfer

    Great update Lori. Praying for the children. So proud of you my man Muggo! And incredibly inspired by you both Mike & Lori !!
    Much Love,
    Steve (Vince) ‘Lank’ 😉

  • Kristin Lamendola

    Thanks for the update Lori. Glad you all were able to go to the desert and get away, although it wasn’t the original plan. It was fun seeing Muggo “swimming”. Prayers continue. Love you all

  • The Greene family

    Thanks for the update. You all have been in our thoughts and hearts. We will continue to hold the Coulson family up in prayer. xoxo

  • Judy Bacon

    Thank you for your loving and thorough report. My heart breaks for all of you. I pray for you as you make the decision between quality of life VS quantity. As you know, most of your support and love is from God, who holds you in his arms constantly, will always be with you and gives us eternal life. God bless.

  • Judy Bacon

    After leaving the previous comment I came across the following quote from Kathleen Downling Singh: “I have come to believe that the time of dying effects a transformation from perceived tragedy to experienced Grace.” May it be so.

  • Pamela Centilli

    Will continue to pray for Michael and entire family – asking that our. Lord blesses you with hope, faith, courage, strength, trust, and acceptance. Prayers being offered daily. God bless you!

  • Peggy Hogan

    Keeping your family in my prayers. Praying for peace and wisdom with these difficult decisions. Your family is very inspiring. Michael, you’ve got so many people pulling for you all!

  • Jennifer Woodward

    As always thank you so much for taking time to keep us all updated. It’s one more thing to pack into your already full schedule but we truly appreciate it. The Woodward family continue to keep you all in our daily thoughts and prayers. <3

  • Amy Mihele

    Thanks for the update and sharing your struggles and emotions with us. It allows us to pray for those specific things. May our gracious Lord wrap His arms around your family and for healing over Michael. God is so good! Sending you daily hugs and prayers from the Mihele Fam aka fellow Triton Football Fam!

    Mihele & Co.

  • Peter Leddy

    Michael Lori and family: My prayers and blessings for your family. Sending my Love and good vibes your way! Peter

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