Thursday Afternoon Update

I am sorry that I haven’t posted an update sooner. Today has been a whirlwind. Michael began to have increased left sided weakness and became less and less responsive over the night and this morning. They took him for another CT scan at around 9 am and it showed that there was some blood accumulating and putting pressure on his brain. He has had high blood pressure since coming out of surgery yesterday and they have had a lot of trouble getting it down. They think the high BP probably caused the bleeding. He went back to surgery earlier today to relieve the pressure and stop the bleeding. He is in recovery now. Dr. Liau said that everything went well. They are going to keep him on the ventilator overnight so they can keep him really sedated and his BP down. Please keep the prayers going!! Will post another update later this evening after I have seen him.


  • June Peirce

    Dear Lori, Michael, and Coulson family,

    I’ve contacted all the praying people I trust from S.Korea to Texas, Pennslyvannia, and to California. We are lifting Michael and all of you up to the Lord in prayer! Stay grounded, brave, and trusting in our wonderful Heavenly Father. He loves you all so much- don’t doubt this. May His peace and His presence comfort and guide you during this time. He is a God of Miracles!!

    With much love and prayer,


  • Cindy Hammond

    Thank you for sharing this and allowing us to be part of lifting your family up in prayer, Lori. Leslie’s given updates to some of us today so we were praying during today’s surgery as well.

    At quick glance I can see prayers for Mike coming from Michigan (many), California and Arizona (of course), New York, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, Indiana, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts and Singapore. I will one day be able to ask God how many people prayed for me when I had cancer, but I felt the power in those prayers and many of the same people are praying now for Michael and your family. Having experienced miracles through prayer has called me to a life of prayer post-survival. God is good.

    In Christ,
    EKHS ’82

  • Steve

    10:00pm ET U.S. THANK YOU Lori for this update. Prayers continue this evening and through Friday morning. Please know you’re not alone in this. So many of us out here praying for you!!!!! ~Steve Lankfer

  • Beverly Maiers

    Please don’t feel you have to apologize for timeliness of your posts. Your top priorities are taking care of you and helping the nurses and the doctors take the best care of Mike. Continued thoughts and prayers for you guys.
    Virtual hugs and love sent too.

  • Laurie Harrison

    Devin and I are lifting you all up in prayer. We are trusting in our heavenly Father’s care for Michael, and strength and peace for you, Lori! Thank you for the update.

  • Tiffaney Giobbi

    Lori, it is amazing that you have the presence of mind to keep us updated. Thank you so much. Many prayers coming from me and our family and church. You are in my constant thoughts. Lots of love and hugs 😘 praise God the doctor felt the surgery went well, that’s a win 😁

  • Kari Sand

    We continue to send prayers your way! Praying for Michael’s swift recovery and for Dr. Liau and her team to give him their best care possible. Stay strong, Coulson clan!

  • Cynthia Blaylock

    The Blaylock family is praying. May our heavenly Father give Mike healing and give you peace, energy, and hope in this situation.

  • The Russell Family

    Your story has touched so many. We are from the Triton football family from years passed, and want you to know we are praying for your restored health and strength for your family as you endure this battle together. May God guide your doctor’s expertise in healing, and allow a return to a full life for all. Amen.

  • The Gardiner Family

    We are all thinking of you in this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to ask for additional help when you need it. Anything!!!! We will engage the community!
    Amy, Andrew, Asher, Ella & Mason
    Freshman Football family

  • Rami and Susan Guirguis

    Holding you all tight in our arms and close in our hearts. Praying the bleeding and BP are under control very soon – thinking of you and praying for the Coulson clan constantly!

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