March 28th Update

Michael is still in the acute rehab facility at Hoag Newport. He was supposed to be discharged tomorrow but because he is working so hard and making so much progress, they have fought for him to stay another week and our insurance approved it ! Of course we want him home with us but at the same time he is getting such amazing care and over three hours of therapy a day at the facility he is in . He is making so much progress! I Will post some videos of his therapy. Today we went to UCLA and Michael started the second phase of the clinical trial. Today he started chemo plus the clinical trial drug that he was on before. He will take the chemo one week out of every month and be on the clinical trial drug every day from here on out. They will be doing MRIs every eight weeks. We are so so grateful for the time he has been able to spend at Hoag. He has received such amazing care and one of his therapists is even coming to our house on Monday morning to see if there’s any additional equipment we need and help me plan for him coming home. After spending seven hours driving today, I came home tonight and found out that Lindsay made superintendents honor role which is a 3.8 to 4.0 and Brady got a character award for caring! So proud of our kids doing so well in spite of all they are going through ❤️ We continue to receive amazing meals and support from so many of you. Words cannot express how grateful we are for all of your prayers and support in so many ways !

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