Friday Evening Update

Today was a busy day! Michael was able to get the breathing tube out this morning. He continued to stabilize throughout the day. His blood pressure is under good control and his swelling is going down. He had Dave, Jamie, Kendal and myself there most of the day and we had some amusing conversations! He hasn’t lost his sense of humor! He had a follow up MRI tonight and it looked really good. The blood is completely gone and the swelling has gone down some. He was also able to squeeze with his left hand a little bit when I went back to say goodnight to him at 9:30. He is really hoping to be able to eat and drink tomorrow! It feels like things have turned the corner…thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love, prayers and support❤️ It means so much xo


  • Marika Galvin

    I was so grateful for this update’s wonderful news! I hope that everything is still going smoothly post-surgeries, and that Michael is seeing improvement every day.

  • Mark Weldt

    Hey Muggo! Just was thinking about you this morning and wanted to tell you that you are in our thoughts and prayers every day and stay strong and you will beat this!

  • Dawn Rose Bishop

    Michael I have been praying for you and your wife Lori and for you’re children. I was shocked to hear you had cancer. You’re faith in God will see you through. I have been texting Leslie she told me she was so swamped with her work. She can’t stay in touch as often as she was. So she gave me you’re website,! So I can find out how you are doing. I’m now on you’re blog! I will keep you and you’re family in my prayers.😊

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