• Carol Lamendola

    Michael, to quote Uncle Nick, “another job well done”. It was one of his favorite sayings when someone accomplished what they set out to do. Your video was so heart warming. Sending my love and pride to you. I love you Michael. Keep up the inspiring videos. Aunt Carol 💕💕

  • Jennifer Tercek Roper


    I just learned yesterday about what was going on with you. It has been a really long time since we have spoken to each other. However the strangest thing happened that made me google your name. I was half watching our local San Diego news about a month ago and listened to a story about a San Clemente family that was robbed by a dog sitter. I must have heard the name Coulson but it did not register because I always associated you with Washington state and there are many Coulsons around. A night ago, I had a dream that woke me up although I do not know why but I got up and googled your name and got to this website. God works in strange ways.

    I must say you are truly an inspiration to us all with your stories and faith. I am praying for you and your beautiful family. Jen

  • Will McFarland

    Mike-Your message is spot on. It’s so easy to get caught in the trap of making a living. You remind us all to make a life, slow down, appreciate every day and to thank God for our blessings. Thanks Mike. Thanks for demonstrating exactly how a strong Christian handles adversity. Keep walking the walk. God bless you!
    Will McFarland

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