Faith Journey Episode 3



  • Christine Joseph

    Your video brought me to tears! Very well said. We will continue to pray for you and your family🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Love the joseph family

  • Will McFarland

    Mike-I’ve been following your journey since Jamie told me you were sick. What an incredible inspiration you have been to me and everyone else I’m sure. I was anxious to watch episode 3 of your Faith Journey. Your previous episodes made me think of a bible quote and I intended to share the quote with you after episode 3 was posted. You said 50 things happened recently that were God related. Here’s one more. I’m at Manta Cuts 2 days ago with my son and he’s playing with another boy on the Pirate ship. I ask the Mom, “What’s his name?” The Mom says “Malachi….. Chi for short.” And, of course, the quote I had in mind is from Malachi. What are the odds of Malachi being that kid’s name and me checking for your new episode the same night it is posted? Zero if God is not involved.

    “But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in it’s rays.”
    Malachi 4:2

    Keep walking the walk, Michael. Your faith is awesome! We’re with you brother!
    Will McFarland

  • Betty Tymes

    Hi Michael and family! Praise the Lord for your testimony! I knew you more than 30 years ago but have not forgotten you. Our God is amazing! Just over two years ago my husband went home to Jesus. We learned he had two inoperable brain tumors and exactly 11 weeks later he went home after saying goodbye to all of our children some grandchildren and his brothers. Ron was so ready to go to see Jesus! We were living in Arizona at the time. Four of our kids had to travel from Michigan to say goodbye. Last October I moved back to Michigan and back to Unity where I learned of your situation. I would love to sit and visit with all of you but that is not possible so this will have to do! I will continue to pray and you continue spreading the good news! God is faithful and will be with you always!

  • Kristin Lamendola

    Thank you for encouraging us through your journey. Your courage and transparency are laudable. Love you and see you in May.

  • Peggy Hogan

    Michael, Your courage and faith are so inspiring. Hoping and praying for the best outcome for you and your family. Keep the faith and miracles do happen. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  • Cindy Hammond

    I just got off the phone with the Multiple Myeloma Research foundation, they call periodically to see how I’m doing because I’m part of their study. When I was diagnosed in 2014 statistics told me I would be gone by now… but I’m still in remission. I actually would have been ok with going home at the time, as my family reacted very different than yours. I am still in transition and I may be the rest of my life, and I believe it’s all part of Gods plan for me. God’s plan for us is a mystery that he reveals only as our life unfolds, and He sure isn’t up against any odds. We all ultimately get to go home some day, and until then we live…and give glory to God for his miracles, answered prayer, his love for us and for the humbling gift of his Light in us and shining through us. God bless you for your bold testimony, Michael! God bless you for giving God the glory, God bless you for calling others to follow Jesus, for your faithful kingdom work. The Coulson Clan is still topping my prayer list!

  • Dawn ( Rose ) Bishop

    Hi Michael and Lori and kids. Thanks for the update. The Coulson clan is still in my prayers. Michael, I like how you keep it real about you’re cancer. I have type 2 dieabities. Like you said we never know when our time will come to go home to Jesus. I’m at risk of having a stroke. I’m sure glad we have a risen savior! I wish I could visit you. Take care sincerely, Dawn. PS. I have times that I forgot that that I have done something, and don’t recall doing it.

  • Andreea Dirpes

    Michael, your faith journey episode #3 was so encouraging. Thank you for sharing your faith in Jesus with your friends and family, your faith and strength is so amazing. I’m praying for you, Lori and the kids constantly. 🙏🏻

  • Tiffaney Giobbi

    Love you so much, Michael. Keep attacking every day with enthusiasm. We are blessed by your determination and ability to see God working in the peaks and valleys. So glad you can share your message with so many.

  • Dawn ( Rose) Bishop

    March 15 2019, Michael I pray that you are still doing well. There is not a day that that I don’t think and pray for you and you’re family . Wish I could see you, but I can’t, so I will continue to pray for you. In Jesus love, Dawn(Rose) Bishop.🤗.

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