• Rochelle Brannon

    Profound and beautiful and inspiring, Michael.
    Your insight about the importance of cultivating positive relationships is so timely for our kids as they endeavor high school and prepare for college. I LOVE the visuals! The triangles depicting friendships that encourage us versus those that tear us apart. Profound and practicle and matter of fact.
    Jake was so moved by his time with you and by the words you wrote. The thoughts you shared with him which are directed toward your 18 year old self, made such an impact on him. We are grateful for your influence and blessed by your wisdom, faith and strength.
    I cannot shake the image of the “God shaped hole in all of us that can only be filled by God.” I will carry that concept with me always. Thank you.
    We will continue to pray for you and Lori, Aidan and the triplets. We’re here to love you all through this. THANK YOU for sharing your Faith Journey. Your words are impacting lives. Press on dear friend.

  • Bonnie Doughty

    Thank you Michael for your uplifting words. I’m coming into the picture late, just having heard of your Dx on New Years Eve. You are amazing! When we should be the ones who are shouldering your burden, you are still teaching and spreading your faith! What an inspiration you are. I will continue to pray for 100% recovery for you❤️💕🙏

  • Carole Richardson

    Dear Mike and family.
    My name is Carole Richardson and I am Brian Gates’ aunt. Brian, Ashley and Margot have kept me updated about your journey and I just saw how to sign up for your Journey talks
    I have listened to you talk and even at my age have benefitted from your honest words.
    I have certainly gotten ideas of what to tell my grandchildren.
    I know that BRIAN has told you about my nephew, Craig’s, long journey after having brain cancer from 29-54.
    I was blessed to be the one who lived closest, so I was very involved in craig’s Life. He never once complained!!! Of course he got down, but he smiled and laughed anytime I saw him.
    He and Brian were very close from the time they were little kids. Craig blessed all of our lives.
    Your story is not the same. You have a loving wife and children…. but the cancer has changed your life so much.
    The beauty is that you are sharing your wisdom to your children and to many others. Here I am in Rockford, Mi, benefiting from your openness.

    I graduated from Purdue( like Brian) , but my husband LOVES the University of Michigan.. always has. I cheer for them , unless they are playing Purdue! I loved when you signed off and pointed to your Michigan hat.

    I pray for you and your family. As one friend said.. Press on…. like God’s children do.
    Thank you for sharing. Boiler Up.. Go Blue!

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