Everything has Changed

This was the email sent to many family members and friends updating everyone what was going on:

Family and Friends,

I wanted to provide everyone with an update on what has been transpiring with the Coulson family.  Lori has been handling most of the communication, but she finally hit the wall today.  Even though I’m the one in the middle of the storm, I know that it’s time for me to take over from her and to own the message going forward.

To get directly to the point, I have been diagnosed with a rare, cancerous brain tumor known as a glioma.  As many of you are aware I have been in and out of the hospital over the past 10 days. We received the unfortunate news of the cancer diagnosis last night at Mission Viejo hospital after a final brain biopsy was performed by a neurosurgeon there.


For those of you that haven’t been aware of what’s been happening, the following is the background:
– I had been experiencing numbness and tingling in my left foot and hand over a 4-6 week period which I had self-diagnosed as plantar fasciitis in my foot and a pinched nerve in my elbow
– After continued left sided issues and additional symptoms my wife (the nurse pre-kids) took me to a doctor on 11/5, then straight to the ER in Mission Viejo on 11/6
– During the next two days I was put through a variety of tests, one of which detected a mass in my brain
– After escaping briefly to see the San Clemente vs. St. John Bosco game on Friday night, I was back in the ER on Sunday, where I’ve been until getting released earlier today
– As I’ve learned over the past week the hope with brain tumors is that they originate from somewhere else in the body, which is why I had been getting additional tests on my abdomen, lungs and heart
– I had gotten a report on Wed that showed evidence of a prior infection in my lungs (which was promising news) but we ultimately received the bad news from the brain biopsy last night that overruled infection

Obviously the news has hit the family hard, but our faith is strong and we have an incredible group of family and friends supporting us. I will be forever grateful to everyone that has already provided such amazing support to Lori, Aidan and the triplets. And the support is not just from our new home San Clemente, but from friends and family in Seattle, Oregon, NYC and around the country.

We are big believers in the power of prayer, so please keep them coming.  I have a long road ahead with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but I face it unafraid being firmly rooted in my faith in Jesus Christ.  And while I believe that ultimately this life is just preparation for the next I can assure you that I will “attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” for every minute that I get to spend with Lori, Aidan, Courtney, Lindsay, Brady and my other friends and family.

I believe completely that good things can come out of bad situations and have been overwhelmed to see God’s plan already unfolding in many, many ways.  My web master (Lindsay Coulson) is hard at work setting up thecoulsonclan.com website and I look forward to sharing additional updates and stories in the days and weeks to come.

God bless.



  • David Avnaim

    You and I are on a journey we could’ve never imagined in our wildest dreams. I’m glad David linked us up. We’ll be praying for you big time. People ask me all the time how do I get through it. What’s worked for me is best of the best doctors, attitude, and faith. Looks like you have the same going for you. The morning I was wheeled in to the OR 10 years and 9 days ago, I looked at Dr. Liau’s hands and prayed over them as extensions of God’s hands. Wishing you the best, my friend.

  • kathleen eriksen

    Mike you might remember us from Unity Reformed Church in Kentwood, Michigan. Ed and I are still there gladly. You probably heard Pastor Mark is leaving next year. We were sad to hear of your prognosis. This is never easy to understand why. With all the new treatments these days the outlook could be good. God bless you. Watching the funeral today for George Bush Sr. His pastor is talking now telling about a book Bush gave him. Praise God in All Times. Mike so excited to hear you have triplets! This is a gift for sure. That makes me want to tell you about our sons. You might remember our sons Brion the oldest is married to Paula they have sons Ethan and Dawson. Brion has a web design business which is right on the S Curve downtown ELEXICON. Our twins Daryl works for a trucking Co. Him and his wife Maureen had twin girls 11 years ago. Darin actually lives in San Francisco with his wife Susan and dog Macy. Darin works for a company that does work for Google.
    The last thing I want to say is all our family are MICHIGAN fans. Brion has season tickets. I dont remember but did you attend U of M? Good choice. I know Harbaugh’s heart. He has been a support for a friend of ours who is probably your age. Torey Whitten has been battling a cancer prognosis (appendix) for a few years healed and has now come back recently.
    We will be praying for you Mike. Love to your parents and family. Love Ed and Cathie Eriksen We will fight for you!

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