2019 Fathers Day Video

For Fathers Day we made Michael a video with pictures of him with the kids!


  • Margot and Fred Gates

    So many smiling faces reflecting pure love!
    A joy to watch. Who has that many fabulous pictures? I know who…a very loving and involved father and a wife with a talent for photography!

  • Janine Greene

    Thanks for sharing that…so beautiful….and full of awesome memories! Keeping you close in thoughts and prayers!

  • Will McFarland

    That was awesome!! I could have watched 2 hours of that. So if you could pick up where you left off and run it right through the present day, we would really appreciate it! That’s a great Dad right there. True, pure love right from the start. God bless you, Michael!

  • Pamela Centilli

    This beautiful loving video brought me to tears – so evident of the love and devotion between precious children and their wonderful Dad. Thank you for sharing. God bless you Michael and your sweet family..

  • Susan Guirguis

    Wow, if that’s not one of the most precious things I’ve seen in a while…I got warm fuzzies watching it 🥰. Every picture shows so much love. What a beautiful family…thanks for sharing!! Awesome photography Lori in catching all those special moments ☺️.

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